UniMac has a rich history of breaking new ground at The Clean Show. Here’s a brief look back at just a few of the developments as we quickly approach the 2022 Clean Show event in Atlanta. 

We introduced the laundry industry to OPTidry over-dry protection technology. Since then, on-premises laundries have saved thousands of dollars through longer linen life, reduced utility consumption, and more efficient use of labor. 

Our UniLinc control took ambiguity out of operating washer-extractors and bridged into tumble dryers with the same user-friendly control. The control streamlined operations by eliminating quality hurdles. Real word cycle names made selecting cycles easy, versus looking up number codes on a posted chart. 

With our PPE Drying Cabinet, UniMac presented a game-changing drying option for the firefighting industry. In the past, departments were drying gear by hanging it in equipment bays or using fans. Our cabinets presented a safe option for returning gear to service fast. 

Our approach has always been to innovate in ways that build on our lowest cost of ownership promise and exceptional reliability. 

The 2022 Clean Show will be no different for UniMac, as we are poised to introduce something big.  

So, mark your calendars for July 30 through Aug. 2, and plan to make the trip to visit UniMac at the Alliance Laundry Systems booth (number 2642). 

For more information on attending the Clean Show, visit here.