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Five Reasons to Upgrade Your On-Premises Laundry Equipment

November 1, 2023

Your business demands the highest performance. When you run your on-premises laundry with outdated equipment, the costs of machine downtime, delayed drying times and mediocre results can wreak havoc on your bottom line. You’ll also save time when you replace your on-premises laundry equipment with Alliance Laundry Systems Distribution. Still on the fence? Here are five benefits of upgrading to UniMac®: 

1. Improve your efficiency and profits 

Heavy-duty UniMac machines are constructed for frequent, large loads that deliver maximum throughput. Your employees can get more laundry done in less time for significant operational savings. Reimagine what your commercial laundry room can achieve when you upgrade to machines built for success. 

 2. See energy savings month after month 

There are many rising costs in today’s economy, but utility bills don’t have to be one of them. Designed for the lowest long-term cost of ownership, UniMac equipment includes efficiency-boosting technology that uses less water and reduces drying times. You’ll reap the savings for decades. 

 3. Get the latest and greatest in technology 

When you upgrade to innovative UniMac washers and dryers, it’s easy for your on-premises laundry to consistently achieve reliable results with features that include:  

  • UniLinc™ Touch: Transform your operation’s efficiency with intuitive, easy-to-use digital controls, featuring 34 languages. 
  • OPTispray™ and OPTidry™: Achieve robust washing that reduces cycle times and water consumption. G-force spin speed minimizes drying times. 
  • ProCapture™ by UniMac: Avoid excessive lint from lots of loads, ultimately reducing your HVAC maintenance needs and unexpected downtime. 

4. Save more money with limited-time financing offers  

Maximize your operation’s productivity with machines designed for ultimate efficiency. With flexible financing options, you can achieve powerful savings and superior performance from day one. 

  • 6.50% fixed interest rate for the first year 
  • Low monthly payment for first 12 months and then 60 months of principal and interest 
  • No prepayment penalty 
  • No security deposit 
  • WSJ Prime + 2.00% variable rate promotion after the first 12 months 
  • Application period through 12/15/2023

5. Get a partner committed to excellence 

Our team of local experts is here to make it easy to upgrade your commercial laundry room. When you partner with us, you get: 

  • Factory-trained technicians 
  • In-house experts, never outsourced 
  • Genuine parts replacement 
  • Local install crews 
  • Flexible financing options 

Stop sacrificing productivity and start saving by upgrading to new on-premises laundry equipment from Alliance Laundry Systems Distribution.  

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