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How to Best Operate a Laundromat

May 25, 2022

Running a Laundromat is simple, but creating or maintaining a successful laundromat takes hard work. An owner does not need to be in the laundromat every day, but they must understand their customers, equipment and competition.

Below is a very basic list of responsibilities a store owner can expect when operating a laundromat:

  • Collect the Store
    • For coin stores, this will generally take place twice weekly.
    • For card operated stores, this can take place less frequently, if desired by the owner.
  • Stock Vending Machines
    • Stocking of vending machines is normally done once weekly and can be supplemented by employees after the owner collects the money from the machines.
  • Audit Wash n’ Fold Stations
    • This is a general audit that runs concurrently with the collection of the store. It consists of checking wash n’ fold claim tickets and counting wash n’ fold income.
  • Managing and Directing Day-to-Day Employee Issues
    • An owner will need to set schedules of attendants, as well as assist in hiring, firing, and training.
  • Handling Customer Complaints
    • Attendants should be trained to handle most complaints, but an owner may need to address some customer problems.
  • Implementing Promotions
    • Promotions can play a major role in the success of a laundry. This can be as simple as having flyers printed and making sure the attendants pass them out, to more intricate marketing strategies.
  • Keep the Equipment in Working Order
    • Keeping the laundry equipment in working condition is crucial to the continued success of a laundry. Work with your local service technician to make sure proper repairs and equipment maintenance are being completed.
  • Monitor Competition
    • Get to know your competition. Know their strengths, weaknesses, pricing, and promotion strategies.


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